Lynx team selected as a finalist for the EU datathon 2018

EU Datathon 2018 started in May and its final stage is scheduled on October 2nd in Brussels.

It is the second time this competition is celebrated, whose goal is to highlight the potential of linking EU and national data. Competitors are intended to develop an application using datasets from the European Union, available on the EU Data Portal. There are several topics to be chosen:

  • EU Open Data
  • National and EU law
  • EU public procurement
  • European Food Safety Authority

Lynx team takes part by propagating ELI relations between documents to the sentence level and learning from the existing links to discover new ones.


Law via the Internet Conference counts with Lynx on its agenda

UPM partners will give a double presentation on this conference:

  • On the one hand, the first approach to the Linked Open Data Cloud of Language Resources in the legal domain will be presented as a fundamental part of the Legal Knowledge Graph, direct result of Lynx project.
  • On the other hand, a study that evaluates the effectiveness of the Unified Modelling Language to teach IT law to non-legal experts will additionally be presented.

Law via the Internet Conference will take place in Florence on October 11th-12th and the agenda can be accessed through this link.

Lynx Technical Meeting in Vienna

On 13th-14th a technical meeting will take place again in Vienna. Several technical aspects will be discussed, such as the system and data architecture, considering the recently published general requirements and pilot specifications

This meeting will also contain a joint activity with the H2020 Special project and the Austrian-funded Dalicc project.

The meeting is to be hosted by Semantic Web Company.

Lynx takes part in Semantics Conference at Vienna


At this moment, Semantics Conference is taking place in Vienna, where Lynx project is being presented as part of the programme.

"SEMANTiCS is an established knowledge hub where technology professionals, industry experts, researchers and decision makers can learn about new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations in the fields of Linked Data and Semantic AI. Since 2005, the conference series has focused on semantic technologies, which are today together with other methodologies such as NLP and machine learning the core of intelligent systems. The conference highlights the benefits of standards-based approaches."

DNV and Openlaws representatives, as part of Lynx Consortium, are in charge of the presentation on how semantics make compliance easier through the Lynx platform.

The conference started on September 10th and finishes on the 13th.

Lynx at Extended Semantic Web Conference

Lynx will be presented at the H2020 Networking session of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) which will take place on June 6th, 2018, in Crete, Greece.

The Extended Semantic Web Conference, formerly known as the European Semantic Web Conference, is a yearly international academic conference on the topic of the Semantic Web. The project networking track is intended to provide national and EU funded projects with the ability to connect with each other and engage in discussions about their respective research and development, establish opportunities for knowledge and technology sharing, and identify complementary activities and goals which can form the basis for future collaborations, research proposals, researcher exchange or joint participation at events or in initiatives.