Lynx presented at META-FORUM 2020



The second annual ELG conference, META-FORUM 2020, is currently being virtually celebrated. In this conference, the most recent developments in European Language Technology industry and research are being presented. The Lynx project is, as well, being presented as one of the most relevant innovation projects in the current scene. Access is open for every user interested.

Lynx Temporal Expression Recognition

The Lynx Temporal Expression Recognition microservice got a video! Watch it for more information on what a temporal expression is, what can we retrieve and how we do so. Different ways to use the service within the Lynx project are also shown. Watch it in (full screen)!

7th Lynx Plenary (Virtual) Meeting

The 7th Lynx Plenary Meeting took place last week, from September 29th to October 1st, as virtual meeting, due to the current pandemic situation, with attendees from all the partner institutions. Within the main agenda points, the final preparations of the pilots to be ready in November and the plans for the Final Lynx Event were thoroughly discussed. 

Lynx Webinar Series

To bring the project itself as well as the results to our specified target audiences, the Lynx consortium has set-up a Lynx Webinar Series for 2020 / 2021, composed of four webinars plus the Lynx Final Event. These webinars go through all the steps of Lynx project: from an overall introduction to the business cases and the service platform. Each webinar includes a comprehensive question-answer session. All registered persons will receive slides and additional Lynx material after the webinar.

Registration forms are available at:

Lynx services now present on the European Language Grid

From today, the Lynx project has a "Project page" on the European Language Grid (ELG). In the near future, language technologies and resources developed in the project will also be available from this page. The ELG provides an excellent meeting point for producers and consumers of Language Technologies in Europe, and offers an excellent shop window for language technologies and resources.