Public report deliverables

Deliv Deliverable name Download
D6.1 Website, project identity set, and communication plan DOI
D1.1 Functional requirements analysis report DOI
D2.1 Initial Data Management Plan  DOI
D4.1 Pilots requirements analysis report  DOI
D1.2 Technical requirements analysis report  DOI
D2.2 Intermediate report on Lynx acquired vocabularies DOI
D4.2 Initial version of workflow definition DOI
D1.3 Technical architecture design expected 31/03/2019
D2.3 Intermediate report on Lynx acquired corpora expected 30/04/2019
D2.4 Data Management Plan expected 31/05/2019
D6.3 Intermediate report on communication activities expected 31/05/2019
D2.5 Report on Lynx acquired vocabularies  expected 31/12/2019
D2.6 Report on Lynx acquired corpora expected 31/03/2020
D5.4 Testing and evaluation plan  expected 31/05/2020
D2.8 Final report of the data management activities expected 31/12/2020
D5.8 Evaluation Report of the Lynx platform and pilots expected 01/12/2020
D6.6 Final report on communication activities expected 01/12/2020


Deliverables are available in Zenodo, where you can read their DOI and how to reference them.