Lynx co-organises the JURIX Industry Session

The JURIX Industry Session will convene experts from the knowledge management in law firms and innovative legaltech SMEs based on AI to discuss the latest advances in the area. The event will take place on Wednesday 11th from 14:00 at Fundación Gómez Pardo in Madrid.

Christian Sageder and Pascual Boil will present the project results before an estimated audience of 95 people, with representatives from about 50 companies. The interest of these companies on the project results will be polled and different modalities of exploitation will be discussed. This event has been co-organised by Lynx, together with the association Legal Hackers Madrid, and the sponsoring of ReMeP (Research Meets Practice) and La Trobe University.

This unprecedented event will bind together people from the academia (the JURIX conference is taking place in the next-door building) and a strong representation of the companies interested in the sector

For more info see a video interview and a press release.